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NFHS Points of Emphasis 2018

NFHS Basketball new rules and points of emphasis 2018-19.

NFHS Basketball new rules and points of emphasis 2018-19. When new points of emphasis are released we need to embrace what the NFHS is trying to accomplish. We also need to incorporate what’s appropriate into our game and improve our officiating along the way. when we’re looking at points of emphasis from the National Federation of high school it’s important to remember these points of emphasis are communication to all the stakeholders in the game: school administrators athletic department administrators coaches players officials officials associations etc. They are for all stakeholders. Some of them are focused on non-officials.   Here is our video (long) on new rules and Points of Emphasis 2018-19. Play examples and breakdown start at about the 18:00 mark. Concussion recognition and risk minimization this year there’s a focus on concussion recognition and risk minimization. This is focused on coaches and ADs in handling, properly, the safety of their players. it’s not a reflection necessarily on officials. We have a responsibility to alert coaches when we feel it’s possible that a player has suffered a possible concussion. hitting their head hard on the floor. hitting their head on another player’s knee or elbow. etc. We need to alert the coaches so that their training can come into play if we a see any exhibition of concussion-like symptoms from any players on the court again we need to alert coaches if we have concussion-like symptoms. we are to direct the player to leave the game, passing the responsibility for properly handling the player’s safety from there. we need those coaches to properly handle the players. that’s a point of emphasis for coaches and administrators proper handling of their players with possible concussions. Skin infections and communicable diseases Obviously this belongs in the purview of administrators, athletic directors, coaches.

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a better official

Basketball referee get your game video via email. Proven Method!

  Basketball Referee get your game video! Basketball Referee get your game video! The number one tool for rapid improvement as a basketball official is breaking down and analyzing game video. The first step in that process is getting your game video. That’s what we’re going to cover today. It’s important to understand have a mindset that every single game that you’ve worked in the high school season is on video and that that video is online. You just need a link! Coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area use Hudl Krossover or YouTube online video services which their games are posted to. We need to get a link of that video! This is a simple process, but takes a little detective work. Unlike preparing DVD mailers to provide to coaches, there’s no cost to us involved. all i need to do is invest some time. i need to invest time in order to get my game video. The first step in the process is I need the coach’s email addresses. These are almost always available online. We just need to do some detective work. Ninety-five percent of all the games you work you’re going to work games for coaches whose email addresses are on the school website. Let’s go garner that information and then we’re going to send them an email. the email process of course has no cost. the other benefits of it are: we can follow up we could follow up with the coaches if we haven’t gotten the email we’ve started a process a dialogue that gives us the ability to go back and say hey coach i haven’t got the link yet if there’s any chance we could get it? etc etc right With a DVD we don’t have that connection. i’ve handed out a

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nfhs rules book 2018

NFHS Basketball Rules Interpretations – 2018-19

NFHS Basketball Rules Interpretations – 2018-19 The NFHS Basketball Rules Interpretations 2018 have been released. SITUATION 1: A1 is dribbling the ball in frontcourt near the division line when B1 taps the ball away. The ball rolls into the backcourt where A2 is standing. A2 picks up the ball while in backcourt and starts a dribble. RULING: Legal play. The ball rolling on the floor when it crosses the division line has backcourt status; therefore, either the offense or the defense can recover the ball. (9-9-1 EXCEPTION) SITUATION 2: A1 is straddling the division line when the ball is deflected by B1 into the backcourt. A1 is able to reach out and take possession of the ball while still straddling the division line. RULING: Legal. A1 is in the backcourt and maintains that status when she takes possession of the deflected ball. Because A1 is in the backcourt, the official must start a 10-second count and maintain the count as long as the player is in the backcourt and in possession of the ball. (9-9-1) SITUATION 3: A1 throws a ball from the sideline, near the division line. A2 catches the ball while straddling the division line, fumbles the ball into the frontcourt and recovers the ball with one foot still in the backcourt. RULING: Violation by A2. While in player and team control in backcourt, a player shall not cause the ball to go from backcourt to frontcourt and return to backcourt, without the ball touching a player in the frontcourt, such that he or a teammate is the first to touch it in the backcourt. (4-21, 9-9-2) NFHS Basketball Rules Interpretations – 2018-19 SITUATION 4: Players scramble for the ball with A1 touching the ball and the boundary line. RULING: A1 has created a violation by touching the

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ABO Youtube 1802 Arbiter.001

How to Set Your Blocks in Arbiter – ArbiterOne [2018]

How to Set Your Blocks in Arbiter 2018 – ArbiterOne How to set your blocks in Arbiter is essential to any basketball official’s professionalism and accountability. A key part of our responsibility as basketball officials is ensuring that our availability is fully up-to-date. Assignors need to be confident that they can assign games to officials without unneeded turnbacks. Today we will run through how to do a solid preseason setting of blocks in ArbiterOne, the leading assignment software in use today. There are four steps to our approach: Set blocks for normal working/school hours. Layer on any known dates when not available. Take back any dates where there is additional availability. Refine the blocks by setting a mileage maximum, blocking specific partners, specific teams (coaches), blocking certain zip codes, etc. then finally doing a report to ensure accuracy of our blocks.   The basketball season is just around the corner you can make this the best year of your officiating career by being prepared an on point a great indicator of our professionalism commitment is having our availability accurate and up to date most of us use arbiter so today we cover setting our availability for an entire season stick around hey everybody its Greg Austin with a better official calm or we craft video to help basketball officials get better and to take control of their officiating careers if you haven’t already done so take a moment hit below subscribe and notify so that you don’t miss anything when we produce new content which during the season is two times a week we continue today with another preseason video this one will discuss something that is completely under our control and that is keeping our signing software up to date here in the San Francisco Bay Area I think

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how to officiate restricted area plays

How to officiate restricted area plays. NCAA women’s basketball [2018]

The restricted area is in effect when the player with the ball starts or moved to the basket outside the LDB. The restricted area is not in effect when the player with the ball starts or moved to the basket inside the LDB. A secondary defender is considered to be in the restricted area when any part of either foot is in or above this area. In all fast-break situations all defensive players are initially secondary defenders until they establish legal guarding position outside the RA.

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Screenshot 2018 09 13 06.31.41 1 e1536852470715

NCAA Camp Teaching Points 2018 (Collegiate Women’s Officials)

I.  Proper Procedures After Calling Fouls/Violations
II. Monitor Review Reminders
III. Court Coverage/Positioning Reminders
IV. Coverage of 3-Point shots
V. Restricted Area, LDB & Help Coverage
VI. Rebounding Officiating – Get the first foul – Hooks, Holds, Hacks
VII. Free Throw Coverage and Responsibilities
VIII. Monitor Review Signal

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