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NBA Ref Take Over! - 5 Play Friday w James Williams & Kane Fitzgerald

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We’ve got a real treat for you in this episode of “5 Play Friday.” Joining us are two heavyweights of the NBA officiating world: James Williams and Kane Fitzgerald. Let’s get to know these incredible referees a bit better.
First up, James Williams. You might recognize him from his impressive 14-year NBA career, which includes over 700 regular-season games and 50 intense playoff games. James has had the honor of officiating not one, but four NBA Finals games! Plus, he’s been a part of the NBA All-Star Games in 2013 (Houston) and 2022 (Cleveland). But his journey doesn’t stop there; he served as an NCAA official from 2001 to 2010.
Now, let’s talk about Kane Fitzgerald. He’s not just an NBA referee; he’s the NBA VP Head of Replay, and he’s been in the game for 13 years. Kane has officiated nearly 800 NBA regular-season games and an impressive 70 playoff games, including those high-pressure NBA Finals matchups. To top it off, he had the incredible experience of officiating the 2022 NBA All-Star Game in Cleveland.
These guys are not only experts on the court but also the co-founders of RefMasters, where they’re dedicated to helping officials at all levels up their game. Join us for an engaging, friendly chat with James and Kane as we explore some intriguing basketball plays. Whether you’re a budding referee, a die-hard fan, or just someone who loves the game, this episode is a slam dunk you don’t want to miss!

Analyzing our own game video is the number one way to improve as basketball officials. Following closely behind is analyzing plays from others’ games. What can we learn from the officials on these plays? Let’s review positioning, working of the system, call accuracy, rules knowledge and game management. It all comes together on the court. Let’s look at Plays!

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00: 00 Stream Start
00: 00 Play 1 – Dead Ball Officiating
00: 00 Play 2 – Coach Shoulders Ref!
00: 00 Play 3 – Block/Charge Play at the Basket
00: 00 Play 4 – Player Stomps Another Player!
00: 00 Play 5 –

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NBA Ref Take Over! – 5 Play Friday w James Williams & Kane Fitzgerald

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