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Court Calls Examined: 5 Play Friday Officiating Clinic

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Welcome back, fellow referees, to another exciting episode of “5 Play Friday” on “A Better Official”! In this week’s episode of “5 Play Friday” we dissect intriguing plays that challenge and enlighten basketball officials at the high school level. We present a series of scenarios designed to refine understanding and application of the NFHS rules:

00:00 – Intro
We kick off the show with our signature intro, setting the stage for an evening of insightful officiating discussions.

00:13 – Show Start
The whistle blows, and “Friday Night Whistle” is officially underway! Get ready for a rollercoaster of basketball scenarios.

00:30 – 1️⃣ Play 1 – Initial Challenge – Pass and Crash No-Call: We present a contentious pass and crash with a no-call for your initial judgment. Share your call in the comments and await our detailed breakdown at the episode’s conclusion.

01:40 – 2️⃣ Play 2 – Lane Dynamics – Block or Charge: Examine a lane encounter to critique the positioning and decision-making skills of a three-person crew. This play offers a masterclass in the fundamentals of officiating.

05:48 – ☕️ Special Thanks to Our Show Supporters: ☕️
Antonio & Mark Dominguez ☕️ Jason Mays ☕️ Stann Whipple ☕️ Joe Del Collo ☕️ Butch Hensel ☕️

06:28 – 3️⃣ Play 3 – ️ Long-Distance Call on Transition: A transition play escalates in front of the center official, but the trail official makes the call from afar. Explore the principles of coverage and positioning as we dissect this controversial decision.

10:06 – 4️⃣ Play 4 – Free Throw Complexities: A defender violates and fouls during a free throw, with a missed shot adding to the complexity. We unravel the sequence and review the correct procedural response in such intricate scenarios.

14:11 – 5️⃣ Play 5 – ️ Shot Clock Decision Making: A close call on the shot clock presents a test of judgment for the crew. We scrutinize the play to evaluate the decision made under the ticking pressure of the clock.

17:47 – ▶️ Play 1 Review – Analysis and Verdict: Returning to our opening scenario, we break down the pass and crash play in detail. With insights from the episode and viewer comments, we examine whether the defender established legal position and if the no-call stood up to scrutiny.

23:15 – Bonus Play — an exhilarating display of athleticism, as a player performs an impromptu gymnastic move post-foul, capturing the awe of all present in the gym.

25:10 – ☕️ Special Thanks to Our Show Supporters: ☕️
Antonio & Mark Dominguez ☕️ Jason Mays ☕️ Stann Whipple ☕️ Joe Del Collo ☕️ Butch Hensel ☕️


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Note: This video is archival in nature. Rules, interpretations, mechanics, philosophies and other information may or may not be correct for the current year.

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Court Calls Examined: 5 Play Friday Officiating Clinic

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