"Basketball Rules Expert Show" - We answer Viewer Questions #expert

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Welcome to the “Basketball Rules Expert,” where we take a deep dive into the rules of the game and help answer questions submitted by our viewers. Join us as we review viewer-submitted questions on how to properly adjudicate a basketball game using the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) basketball rules. Whether you’re an official, coach, player, or fan, you won’t want to miss this show as we cover everything from fouls to backcourt. So, grab a notebook and get ready to learn about the ins and outs of the NFHS basketball rules. Submit your questions now and we’ll see you in the next episode!”

There are different ways for officials to learn the rules of basketball. We find that reviewing play scenarios can make the rules questions more vivid.
With our Basketball Rules Expert series we hope to do just that. A play scenario unfolds, just as it would in a game, and we then need to have the rules with us to adjudicate the play properly. Join us for some play review and let’s all get better as basketball officials.

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00: 00 Show Starts!
00: 00 Team A has possession of the ball in the front court. A1 attempts a pass to A2. Team B is on defense and B1 deflects the pass. The ball then bounces off A2’s foot (who is in the front court as well) and goes into the backcourt where A1 is the first to get to the ball and regains possession. Is this a backcourt violation or is this clean and should play continue? — BJ
00: 00 Twist on pass deflected by defender that goes in towards the basket. When it is on its downward trajectory can a defender grab it? When its on the rim? In the cylinder? If it is not considered a try until it passes through the ring, would these then not be goaltending. — Eric Eichacker
00: 00 how you would handle this situation: A1 is fouled and shooting bonus free throws. A1 makes the front end but during the shot A2 fouls B1. How do we handle second free throw of bonus? Where would Team B get the ball? What if Team B was in bonus? Thanks a lot! — Shane Clark
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Joe Raza ☕️ Thomas Henion ☕️ Jose Lansang Jr ☕️ Brian Kaplan ☕️ Carmine Tutera ☕️
00: 00 Player A1 attempts an unsuccessful dunk. Player A2 grabs the rebound and successfully dunks the ball while Player A1 is still on the rim from the original unsuccessful attempt. Is this Basket Interference ? — Dan Ravenscroft
00: 00 A1 is in front court, attempts to pass to A2. A2 misses the pass, ball goes into backcourt. A2 runs after ball but as the ball is heading toward back court end line. The ball is grabbed by bench personnel. So if not grabbed would of been an end line throw in. But it was grabbed from A’s bench. How do you handle and is there a rule or case study showing this?
Thomas Mauger
00: 00 I am a rookie first year official. Could you please explain the closely guarded 5-second rule and when it ends, also please explain screening violations.
Ralph G Klosterman
00: 00 Are inadvertent contact to head face common fouls always a technical at minimum?
Larry Prince
00: 00 Player A is dribbling ball. Player B attempts to foul A by extending his leg into the path of A. Player B’s athleticism escapes most of the trip attempt and maintains his dribble and path. However, slight contact is made. I call intentional foul. Is that the correct call? Should I have called anything at all with minimal contact?
Jim Miller
00: 00 when a player reaches through the boundry and contacts the ball held by opponent who is trying to inbounds the ball, is that a player or team technical?
bryan smith
00: 00 shooting a free throw front end of a 1 & 1. The ball comes to a complete stop and is resting on the back of the rim. If it was a two shot foul, I would have ruled it a miss and shot the second one.
Anthony Solis
30:26 // Special thanks to our Channel Supporters:
Joe Raza ☕️ Thomas Henion ☕️ Jose Lansang Jr ☕️ Brian Kaplan ☕️ Carmine Tutera ☕️

“Basketball Rules Expert Show” – We answer Viewer Questions #expert

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