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End of Game Scenarios and MORE! Basketball Rules Expert

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Today we look at several NFHS Basketball Rules scenarios to determine the correct rulings on the plays.

There are different ways for officials to learn the rules of basketball. We find that reviewing play scenarios can make the rules questions more vivid.
With our Basketball Rules Expert series we hope to do just that. A play scenario unfolds, just as it would in a game, and we then need to have the rules with us to adjudicate the play properly. Join us for some play review and let’s all get better as basketball officials.

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00:00 Show Starts!
00: 00 A1 is fouled by B1 during a successful try for goal. B1 then taunts A1. Teammate A2 then taunts B1 by clapping in their face.
The officials rule Technical fouls on B1 and A2 and that the t’s did not occur simultaneously. A1 attempts FTs, Team a 2 Free-throws, then team b two free-throws, then Team b ball at the division line.
00: 00 With only a few seconds left on clock, A1 attempts a try from the backcourt which lands far short. The ball bounces near the free throw line and up towards the basket. The horn sounds and then the ball then goes through the basket.
The officials score the goal, but rule it a 2 point goal.
00: 00 A1 gets the ball in the post, drives to the basket and is fouled by B1. The ball goes in. A1 then taunts B1and is assessed a technical foul. After A1 makes their free-throw and before the free-throws are attempted, the table informs the officials that the Technical was A1’s 5th foul.
the officials rule that A1 is disqualified and their free-throw is cancelled. they inform the coach and have A1’s substitute re-attempt the free-throw. then the free-throws for the technical are attempted and the game resumes with a division line throw-in.
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David Keyzer ☕️ Randy Wilson ☕️ Jeff Papas ☕️ Chuck Ratliff ☕️ Warren Layton ☕️
00: 00 near the expiration of time, A1 attempts a try for goal. Just prior to the horn, B1 contacts A1 on the arm immediately followed by the horn sounding. airborne A1 releases a try which is unsuccessful
the officials rule that the A1 will be awarded 2 free-throws with the lane cleared and no time on the clock.
00: 00 After a made basket by Team B, Team A is granted a timeout. On the ensuing throw-in all five Team A players are lined up off the court behind Team B’s end line when the official wants to administer the throw-in.
the officials allow this configuration and rule this to be legal.
00: 00 A1 is fouled by B2 and is awarded two free throws. The foul is B2’s fifth foul. The new Trail official reports the foul and informs the Coach of the DQ. Before a substitute is made, the Lead official incorrectly permits A1 to attempt the first free throw.
The officials disallow the goal and re-administer the free-throw after the Disqualified player is replaced.
00: 00 A1 attempts a three-point shot; the ball hits the backboard and is batted by B2. While still in A’s frontcourt, A3 touches the ball with both hands but muffs the ball which bounces into A’s backcourt. A3 grabs the ball in the backcourt.
the officials rule this to be a legal play.
A double personal foul is ruled in the frontcourt near the sideline while A1’s try for goal is in flight. The try is successful. Team A has the possession arrow.
the officials score the goal and report the double foul and award Team A an alternating possession throw-in near the spot of the foul.
00: 00 A1 scores a goal to give Team A a 2-point lead with just a few seconds remaining. team members A11, A12, A13, and A14, believing the game to be over, run onto the court to congratulate A1, despite there being 3 seconds remaining.
The officials assess bench technical fouls on all 4 team members and 4 indirect technicals to the head coach.
00: 00 With .3 seconds left in a tie game, each team is in the bonus. Team A has an endline throw-in under their basket. A1 throws the ball to A5 on the near block who catches the ball and quickly shoots. A5 is fouled by B3 just prior to the horn. The ball goes in.
The official rule no goal and a one-and-one bonus.
08:26 // Special thanks to our Channel Supporters:
David Keyzer ☕️ Randy Wilson ☕️ Jeff Papas ☕️ Chuck Ratliff ☕️ Warren Layton ☕️

End of Game Scenarios and MORE! Basketball Rules Expert

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