12 Quick Rules Scenarios You MIGHT NOT KNOW!! - Basketball Rules Expert

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12 play scenarios to test your basketball rules knowledge. I you are a basketball official looking to have a better understanding of NFHS basketball rules, this is the place! let’s look at some place scenarios today and talk about the rules of high school basketball. Stick around!
There are different ways for officials to learn the rules of basketball. We find that reviewing play scenarios can make the rules questions more vivid.
With our Basketball Rules Expert series we hope to do just that. A play scenario unfolds, just as it would in a game, and we then need to have the rules with us to adjudicate the play properly. Join us for some play review and let’s all get better as basketball officials.

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00: 00 Introduction
00: 30 Time out granted while ball is loose.
05: 18 Throw-in not fully inbounds
09: 43 // Special thanks to our Channel Supporters:
Bret Temple ☕️ David Djanikian ☕️ Jonathan Harris ☕️ Herb Haun ☕️ Roger George ☕️
00: 00 Blarge Scenario – Ruled Correctly?
00: 00 Defender slaps backboard. Ball rolls off
00: 00 Pass bounces off defender’s head and goes in?
00: 00 Pass hits ring then backcourt
00: 00 Sub not allowed to attempt Technical Foul Free-throws!
00: 00 Dunk makes ball go sproing!!
00: 00 Ref makes players give space
00: 00 Odd ‘and one’ scenario!
00: 00 10 seconds allowed before player in frontcourt catches!
00: 00 Player doesn’t return to the court promptly. Legal?
00: 00 // Special thanks to our Channel Supporters:
Bret Temple ☕️ David Djanikian ☕️ Jonathan Harris ☕️ Herb Haun ☕️ Roger George ☕️
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As always, keep working hard and let’s get better together.

Note: This video is archival in nature. Rules, interpretations, mechanics, philosophies and other information may or may not be correct for the current year.

12 Quick Rules Scenarios You MIGHT NOT KNOW!! – Basketball Rules Expert

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