Basketball Officiating Breakdown: 5 Crucial Plays Explained #5PlayFriday

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Join Greg Austin from A Better Official as he dives into another insightful episode of Five Play Friday. This episode is packed with detailed analyses of five key basketball plays, providing valuable insights for referees at all levels, especially those focusing on high school basketball under the National Federation of High School Basketball Rules.

In this episode, Greg meticulously breaks down each play, offering expert commentary on the decisions made by the officials and highlighting areas for improvement. From a contentious blocking foul to a perfectly called illegal screen, and even dissecting a charge call, Greg leaves no stone unturned.

For those looking to improve their officiating skills or simply gain a deeper understanding of basketball refereeing, this episode is a must-watch. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more valuable content from A Better Official. Remember, you can support the show and access more resources at

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00:29 1️⃣ Play 1 ➞ Pass/Crash Play Called by Lead YOU MAKE THE CALL!

01:35 2️⃣ Play 2 ➞ Illegal Screen and Coach Actions

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06:16 3️⃣ Play 3 ➞ Another Screen. Unlucky or Illegal?

09:43 3️⃣ Play 4 ➞ Off-ball Illegal Screen in 2-person.

14:37 5️⃣ Play 5 ➞ Block/Charge Play for Lead Official – Lots to look at.

17:36 ▶️ Play 1 ➞ Review – Pass/Crash Play Called by Lead

21:46 ▶️ Bonus Play ➞ Block/ Charge Play. Our toughest yet??

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Note: This video is archival in nature. Rules, interpretations, mechanics, philosophies and other information may or may not be correct for the current year.

we’re back again with five plays looking at plays we want to get better as basketball officials stick [Music] around greetings again welcome back five play Friday my name is Greg Austin with a better official we craft video to help basketball officials get better and take control of their officiating career we’re looking at plays today we’re looking at our first play at so you make the call play what do you have on play number one the other end and Rosen catches up on the play and helps out Ken Herman steals that ball away here’s Derman on the run and a collision oh a blocking foul in the lane I’ll take that one well what do you think I thought that one going the other way but uh all right a tough pass and crash play blocking foul ruled by the lead double whistle on the play what do you have on this play do we have a offensive foul do we have a defensive foul put your comments down below and stick around to the end of the video and we’ll take a look at all of the things on play number one let’s take a look at Play number [Applause] [Music] [Music] two all right we have an illegal screen on the play we have some coach actions we have um a sense of sort of confusion about what’s going to happen next by our crew let’s look at all of the things here obviously um this is a great call we’ve got a screener who leans into a moving Defender this is illegal contact by rule got some non-approved mechanics at the spot but does anybody confused about what this official has on this play did we designate the spot do we show habit great habits and fundamentals at the spot we move to the reporting area right this is a this is a you know an essential part of nfhs we want our official to move to the reporting area they do and then we show that moment of confusion right where we can all you know sort of the the strength and conviction of our call can all wither away when we at the moment you know we’ve reported we’re we’re confused about what happens next and human beings are going to say oh he seems unsure right on the play it was a great call we don’t want to give that up we want to know what happens next I’m going to go report here I’m going to be the new lead right and our Center official is going to address the issues by the coach here we’ve got a coach stepping on to the court gesticulating is this a point of emphasis this year for National Federation of high school yes yes it is it’s a situation that in my opinion needs to be addressed coach I need you in your Co coaching box right a simple action by our Center official could um address that situation uh you know again we like to say we have a soft first warning A administrative warning and then ultimately if it rises or deserves it a technical foul that’s those are our options on this play again illegal screen initiated the contact Calling official does a great job what do we want designate the spot have great habits at the spot of the fowl move quickly to the reporting area stop report and know what happens next don’t give up all the good things we’ve done up to that point by having a moment of my lead Center uh uh right we want to just keep that understanding of what happens next cannot emphasize that enough especially for new officials right you’re new to the game you uh are officiating the game you put calls in the game it’s a great call it’s not a great call right but we don’t want to give up our our strength and conviction and certainty that we project about the calls we make by then moving and being confused about what happens next hey hey whoa whoa whoa hold up just a second do allow me to thank those who fuel our broadcast our tremendous show supporters Mo clots Tom hickey Darwin Sonata Barry vaugh and Les o Conor Jr Papa Les much appreciated much love you want to support the show you can always buy us a coffee at a better coffee I’ll make sure that link is on the screen I’ll make make sure it is down in the show description I’ll make sure that it is in the first pinned comment and where else where on Earth could I Poss up above tremendous much appreciated and much love all right from one illegal screenplay maybe another let’s take a look job when he gets that ball on the high post he’s done a good job faking the shot and then taking it right to the basket here is Edwards Long Range way off the mark but luckily they come up with it and now an offensive foul going to be called I believe yeah foul on Kelvin Payne all right illegal screen ruled by our Trail official on the play let’s look at all of the things first of all if you are in a shot clock State and this is an airball what are we doing immediately looking to see that the shot clock was not properly reset that’s something we’re going to look at on this play right we have a a a teammate who passes the ball to a corner shooter they take a route they are unfort forunate on this play they were they trying to uh contact this defender on this play no no but did they and did they uh commit an illegal action on this play yes yes they did Our Calling official on the play gets the play right how do they come off to you to me a little jumpy a little jumpy it’s like did this require it require this o ooh right action there’s sort of a sense of oh an excitement about the play right do we need do we don’t need but we do designate the spot our crew is going to knows what’s going to happen next this player passes they’re looking to move to another spot on the floor if I’m The Calling official on this play I’m going to say to this player unlucky unlucky right but illegal and that’s a foul on the play but again we’re looking at all of the things we’re looking for the habits and fundamentals of the crew watch our Center official right mored in place big picture view what’s the rush we’re not go you know we don’t have to leave the scene be aware of reactions uh on the benches Etc a big picture view knowing exactly what happens next but not being in a hurry to move away look away Etc when we analyze our game video we’re looking at all of the things on the play we’re putting ourselves in the positions of the officials would I do this in this situation do I have excellent habits and fundamentals so a simple screening play one that our officials get right some a thing that we can look at and learn from on the play and that’s what we like to do here on five play Friday and of course if this is the content that you find valuable as a basketball official I’ve got a great idea why don’t you just take a moment and hit that that like button it really helps us with the YouTube algorithm and gets the video in front of more basketball officials so we can all get better together all right let’s take a look let’s move on let’s find our next play and look at all the things here we [Applause] go [Music] know all right this is a habits and fundamentals play right what can we take away from this transition action and the actions of the officials this is a situation that will happen to you in your game you are the center official you move for an open look on a play and there is suddenly a steal and we’re going in the opposite direction right it will happen in the game one of the great points though on this play is that our Center official is crew aware we always have to be aware of where our crew is in transition action habits and fundamentals whose play is this play to the basket it’s really straightforward this is the leads play all the way our Center official patient patient you don’t have a foul that’s a foul and comes in with the ruling as the sener official we just have to have this mindset um as a crew we understand the system we are working the system and the system gives us secondary coverage UH responsibilities and as a center official on this play Cadence Cadence no foul okay that is a foul I’m going to put a ruling in the play right also notice the habits and fundamentals at the spot so our our old Center here on this play takes a step down to get a look that’s great what do we expect to have happen we expect a rotation we expect to hold our position as Center but we have that that steel we’re going the opposite direction we’re going to do the best that we can we’d want to pull up as a new lead here and get a look at that obvious fowl no our Center will come get it this is all fantastic right let’s watch though habits and Fundamentals by our lead here and be aware of these situations right this player was fouled goes to the floor we want to be focused on players here don’t be distracted by the basketball don’t be the ball will come to you the ball will come to you right let’s be aware of the players make sure everybody’s good before we we go and report but the great thing that jumps off from this play is our Center official is crew aware our lead is crew aware right so let’s look at the lead um when they rotate in this situation and the ball is deflected and stolen right so what’s your mindset as the lead right so we have to pregame this situation if we have this situation where essentially we have two on the play we need our officials out front to sort out who’s going to do what if our center of our uh news center right here said I understand my partner’s in a bad spot I’m going to go or I missed the rotation or anything like that and our crew ends up in a certain formation our Trail official needs to fill in and make the crew whole by choosing the path that they uh of best move so that was excellent language obvious foul great Cadence right great strength at the spot as well right we come up in a really strong position there’s no confusion you know we’re not like trailing the play and running in late Etc would we have liked to not get as beaten on this play as we were yes but these plays are going to happen they’re going to happen in your game and so that’s all we want to be ready when they do to have great habits and fundamentals as a crew moving on next play Hey high ball coming out of the timeout brendal attacks and she’s going to go to the foul line as they she just drove the hole yeah nice job and only Miller I don’t think was uh was ready for didn’t think she was going to bring it as aggressively as she did and she just got out of position bendable took advantage of it all right coming out starting the period first play of a period is our crew ready to officiate our lead sure is this is illegal contact by our Defender what is was it a block by our defender or was it a lack of verticality and illegal use of hands and then we’ve got habits and fundamentals of our crew so let’s take a look at all of the things here is our Defender legal on this play and what do our officials do subsequently let’s take a look do we have verticality on this play is our Defender moving towards let’s take a look here no they’re yielding but a lack of verticality on the play this is illegal use of hands there’s no preliminary signal signal by Our Calling official and I don’t see one at the table as well let’s look at the habits and fundamentals of the crew right Our Calling official has it at the spot looks to see if the ball went in steps towards I am not a fan of this path for reporting I am a fan of taking the high road and going around the players to the reporting area there instead of the low road so let’s watch um Our Calling official goes low and then our Center official right we sort of have a a a intersection on the play just something to be aware of great confidence strength reporting communication all the habits and fundamentals that we want on calling officials right so this play is simply a play where we have to judge the verticality of the play to determine where whether this was illegal or not all right back at the start of the show we had a tough pass crash play let’s review all of the things on play number one the other end and Rosen catches up on the play and helps out Callen Herman steals that ball away here’s Derman on the run and a collision oh a blocking foul in the lane I’ll take that one well what do you think I thought that one going the other way but uh all right a tough pass crash play the most important thing about this play is that it was officiated we did not have distraction following the basketball right our lead is responsible in this situation for that primary or for the defender on the play We also note that we have a double whistle from the sea on the play and we have great habits and fundamentals right the sea does not show early what their ruling would be on the play and the lead behaves as we would expect leads to behave and they come super quick and they have a block on the play Let’s look though at all of the things on the play right so we have you know arm contact for a very big strong Defender that is let go on this play player goes secondary Defender looking to get in position time to have they established legal guarding position on this play wow I they took it in the path visitors say charge charge charge lead comes block that’s a tough play that’s a tough play so we got it one more time did was he established now NC this is an NCAA play NCAA has a little different um rules restrictions this year I don’t know if it applies to pass crash where it has to be before the play not before they um establish their foot on the floor or lift their foot on the floor but rather place that foot on the floor I believe anyway this is a tough play in high school would we say this Defender has legal guarding position prior to the player leaving the floor yes yes yes we would I think in high school we would have a pass crash we would have an offensive foul in this situation right obviously our Defender moves backwards right that does not affect their legality on this play right but we got great habits and fundamentals at the lead right Block charge correct incorrect what habits do we have on the court by our our officials our Center official has a whistle holds our lead goes quick block identifies that it was on the pass identifies that they are in a bonus situation and will be attempting free throws as a result great habits and fundamentals at the spot by both officials tough play tough play but a great play to look at right again our takeaways number one most important this play was officiated nobody was looking away following the basketball the defender on the play was officiated a ruling was made you agree you disagree that’s fine if we’re in high school maybe we have something different but this is a great play for us to look at and that’s why we’re here on five play Friday looking at all of the things all right Block charge plays can be tough as a bonus play today let’s take a look at this one it’s a tough one tell me what you got a 13-point game as we approach two minutes to play Cobbs drives cobs all the way offensive fou on [Applause] cobs B number 24 J with the charge for third personal maybe it’s not so tough after all the most obvious charging foul I’ve ever seen just occurred on this play right so it’s fun in that regard but at the same time is there something to learn here about habits and fundamentals of a crew yes yes there is again we always stress we want to know what happens next in this situation our lead has made the call they will switch with the tableside official as a tableside official you have to know that’s the case in some parts of the country maybe you don’t adopt that but that is the nfhs mechanic and then we have our official who’s not going to be moving on this play our Trail official detaches from the game again we want to be at the spot observing players there’s no Reon reason to move away prematurely in this situation so obviously a charge on the pass uh Team control foul by rule our official does a great job of designating the spot has to guide our uh partner to come uh handle the resulting throwin um this is fourth period of a playoff game we would certainly want to have that all buttoned down by then our Trail does a great job of getting into position but once the call is made detaches from the game right be present be at the spot be observant be aware cuz what do we have we have two of our crew are going to be moving on this play so their ability to observe players Etc we could have frustration situations late in the game on a play Such as this is there’s no actions by our Defender that in any way end their legal guarding position right many times official now it’s not going to happen on this play but are going to uh you know our Defenders he she was leaning or she was you know had given up some aspect of verticality she didn’t take it in the chest right so right is she is she anticipating the contact by L elongating her torso or her body and starting to move backwards yes is there anything about that that’s illegal no no it is not that is super valuable to take from this play as well but that’s a great play to review a fun play the most obvious charge I’ve ever seen thank you for sticking around to the end of the video today much appreci appreciate it if this is the video content you enjoy this would be a great time to do all of the things the liking the subscribing and the notify so you don’t miss out on any of our new content remember you can submit a play for five playay Friday at the link on the screen it’s in the show description it’s in the first pinned comment as well and do allow me a moment to thank our tremendous show supporters who help fuel our broadcast moock Tom hickey Darwin Sonata Barry Vaughn and leso Conor Jr Papa less much appreciated much love you can always support the show you can buy us a coffee at a better coffee there’s a link down below it’s in the first comment and where else up above awesome I have additional video content available for you make that your next View and we’ll see you in in the very next video take care [Music] everybody
Basketball Officiating Breakdown: 5 Crucial Plays Explained #5PlayFriday

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