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5 Play Friday: Throw-ins, Free Throws & a WILD, WILD play

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Welcome back, fellow referees, to another exciting episode of “5 Play Friday” on “A Better Official”! This week, we’ve got a fantastic lineup of plays and rulebook discussions that are sure to elevate your officiating game to new heights. Join us as we break down the action-packed moments from the court and delve into the finer points of high school basketball officiating using the National Federation of High School Basketball Rules.

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00:00 – Intro
We kick off the show with our signature intro, setting the stage for an evening of insightful officiating discussions.

00:13 – Show Start
The whistle blows, and “Friday Night Whistle” is officially underway! Get ready for a rollercoaster of basketball scenarios.

00:30 – 1️⃣ Play 1 – Players Run Out of Bounds! Legal?
First up, we tackle a fascinating play where players venture close to the sideline. Is it within the bounds of legality? Find out as we dissect this intriguing situation.

01:44 – 2️⃣ Play 2 – Free Throw Play – Did the crew miss?
Did the officiating crew make the right call during a free throw play? We scrutinize the actions on the line to provide clarity.

05:50 – Bonus Situation! Illegal Uniforms!
Uniforms matter, and we’ve got a bonus segment discussing illegal uniforms that you won’t want to miss. It’s all about attention to detail!

08:00 – Special Thanks to Our Show Supporters: ☕️
Edmund Hum ☕️ Alan Schweisthal ☕️ Tom Hickey ☕️ Christopher Bowen ☕️ Gerald Masucci ☕️

08:28 – 3️⃣ Play 3 – Wild Play! Lots Going On! ️
Hold onto your whistles as we dissect a wild play with a lot happening simultaneously. Learn how to maintain composure and make the right calls in chaotic moments.

12:04 – 4️⃣ Play 4 – Shot Clock Situation ️
Shot clock situations can be nerve-wracking, but fear not! We break down a play involving the shot clock, ensuring you’re prepared for these critical moments.

14:55 – 5️⃣ Play 5 – Rolling Ball up the Floor Gone Wrong!
Ever seen a rolling ball scenario gone awry? We analyze this play, offering valuable insights on making accurate calls in such situations.

17:53 – Bonus Play – Out of Bounds Call Situation
We revisit an out-of-bounds call situation in our bonus play segment, emphasizing the importance of precision in your officiating.

23:40 – ▶️ Play 1 Review – Players Run Out of Bounds! Legal?
We circle back to Play 1 for a thorough review, ensuring you’ve grasped the nuances of players running out of bounds and the legality behind it.

27:15 – Special Thanks to Our Show Supporters: ☕️
Edmund Hum ☕️ Alan Schweisthal ☕️ Tom Hickey ☕️ Christopher Bowen ☕️ Gerald Masucci ☕️

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As always, keep working hard and let’s get better together.

Note: This video is archival in nature. Rules, interpretations, mechanics, philosophies and other information may or may not be correct for the current year.

5 Play Friday: Throw-ins, Free Throws & a WILD, WILD play

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