ART. 1 . . . The official shall hand or bounce the ball to the thrower for a throw-in unless the throw-in is from outside an end line following a successful goal.

ART. 2 . . . The throw-in begins when the ball is at the disposal of a player of the team entitled to the throw-in. The thrower shall release the ball on a pass directly into the court, except as in 7-5-7, within five seconds after the throw-in begins. The throw-in pass shall touch another player (inbounds or out of bounds) on the court before going out of bounds untouched. The throw-in pass shall not touch a teammate while it is on the out-of-bounds side of the throw-in boundary plane.

ART. 3 . . . The thrower shall not leave the designated throw-in spot until the ball has been released on a throw-in pass. See 4-42-6.

ART. 4 . . . The opponent(s) of the thrower shall not have any part of his/her person through the inbounds side of the throw-in boundary plane until the ball has been released on a throw-in pass. See 9-2-10 Penalty.

NOTE: The thrower shall have a minimum of 3 feet horizontally as in 1-2-2. If the court is not marked accordingly, an imaginary restraining line shall be imposed by the administering official.

ART. 5 . . . Teammates shall not occupy adjacent positions which are parallel to and within 3 feet of the boundary line if an opponent desires one of the positions. The 3-foot restraining line is sometimes the temporary boundary line as in 1-2-2.

ART. 6 . . . When an official administers a throw-in to the wrong team, the mistake shall be rectified before the first dead ball after the ball becomes live unless there has been a change of possession.












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