The ball becomes dead, or remains dead, when:

ART. 1 . . . A goal, as in 5-1, is made.

ART. 2 . . . It is apparent the free throw will not be successful on a:

a. Free throw which is to be followed by another free throw.

b. Free throw which is to be followed by a throw-in.

ART. 3 . . . A held ball occurs, or the ball lodges between the backboard and ring or comes to rest on the flange.

ART. 4 . . . A player-control or team-control foul occurs.

ART. 5 . . . An official’s whistle is blown (see exceptions a and b below).

ART. 6 . . . Time expires for a quarter or extra period (see exception a below).

ART. 7 . . . A foul, other than player-control or team-control, occurs (see exceptions a, b and c below).

ART. 8 . . . A free-throw violation by the throwing team, as in 9-1, occurs.

ART. 9 . . . A violation, as in 9-2 through 13, occurs (see exception d below).

EXCEPTION: The ball does not become dead until the try or tap for field goal ends, or until the airborne shooter returns to the floor, when:

a. Article 5, 6, or 7 occurs while a try or tap for a field goal is in flight.

b. Article 5 or 7 occurs while a try for a free throw is in flight.

c. Article 7 occurs by any opponent of a player who has started a try or tap for field goal (is in the act of shooting) before the foul occurred, provided time did not expire before the ball was in flight. The trying motion must be continuous and begins after the ball comes to rest in the player’s hand(s) on a try or touches the hand(s) on a tap, and is completed when the ball is clearly in flight. The trying motion may include arm, foot or body movements used by the player when throwing the ball at his/her basket.

d. Article 9 as in 9-3-3 or 9-13-1, occurs by an opponent.

NOTE: If A1’s try or tap for field goal is legally touched in flight, the goal counts if made, if the period/quarter ends before or after the legal touching. If the touching is interference or goaltending by Team A, no points are scored. If Team B violates, the points are awarded – either two or three depending on whether it was a two or three-point try or tap for field goal.


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