The scorer shall:

ART. 1 . . . Keep a record of the names and numbers of players who are to start the game and of all substitutes who enter the game. NOTE: It is recommended the team member’s numbers be entered into the scorebook in numerical order.

ART. 2 . . . Notify the nearer official when there is an infraction of the rules pertaining to submission of the roster, substitutions or numbers of players.

ART. 3 . . . Signal the officials by using the game horn or a sounding device unlike that used by the referee and umpire(s). This may be used immediately if, or as soon as, the ball is dead or is in control of the offending team.

ART. 4 . . . Record the field goals made, the free throws made and missed, and keep a running summary of the points scored.

ART. 5 . . . Record warnings for head coach/bench personnel misconduct as well as the personal and technical fouls reported on each player and notify an official immediately when the fifth foul (personal and technical) is charged to any player, the second technical foul is charged to any team member, bench personnel, or directly to the head coach, or the third technical foul is charged to the head coach.

NOTE: The procedure if a player who has committed his/her fifth foul – continues to play because the scorer has failed to notify the official is as follows: As soon as the scorer discovers the irregularity, the game horn should be sounded after, or as soon as, the ball is in control of the offending team or is dead. The disqualified player must be removed immediately. Any points which may have been scored while such player was illegally in the game are counted. If other aspects of the error are correctable, the procedure to be followed is included among the duties of the officials.

ART. 6 . . . Record the time-out information charged to each team (who and when) and notify a team and its coach, through an official, whenever that team is granted its final allotted charged time-out.

ART. 7 . . . Record the jump balls for the alternating-possession procedure and be responsible for the possession arrow.

ART. 8 . . . Record the number of warnings in the official scorebook, as in Rule 4-47and 4-48.

ART. 9 . . . Signal the nearer official each time a team is granted a time-out in excess of the allotted number.

ART. 10 . . . Signal in each quarter when a player commits a common foul beginning with the team’s fifth foul.

ART. 11 . . . Compare records with the visiting scorer after each goal, each foul, each charged time-out, and end of each quarter and extra period, notifying the referee at once of any discrepancy. If the mistake cannot be found, the referee shall accept the record of the official scorebook, unless he/she has knowledge which permits him/her to decide otherwise. If the discrepancy is in the score and the mistake is not resolved, the referee shall accept the progressive team totals of the official scorebook. A bookkeeping mistake may be corrected at any time until the referee approves the final score. The scorebook of the home team shall be the official book, unless the referee rules otherwise. The official scorebook shall remain at the scorer’s table throughout the game, including all intermissions.

ART. 12 . . . The official scorer is required to wear a black-and-white vertically striped garment.


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