A player must not:

ART. 1 . . . Participate after changing his/her number without reporting it to the scorer and an official.

PENALTY: (Art. 1) Flagrant foul. Penalized if discovered while being violated.

ART. 2 . . . Purposely and/or deceitfully delay returning after legally being out of bounds.

ART. 3 . . . Grasp either basket at any time during the game except to prevent injury; dunk or stuff, or attempt to dunk or stuff a dead ball.

ART. 4 . . . Illegally contact the backboard/ring by:

a. Placing a hand on the backboard or ring to gain an advantage.

b. Intentionally slapping or striking the backboard or causing the ring to vibrate while a try or tap is in flight or is touching the backboard or is in the basket or in the cylinder above the basket.

ART. 5 . . . Delay the game by acts such as:

a. Preventing the ball from being made live promptly or from being put in play.

b. Failing when in possession, to immediately pass the ball to the nearer official when a whistle sounds.

c. The free thrower fails to be in the free-throw semicircle when the official is ready to administer the free throw unless the resumption-of-play procedure is in effect following a time-out or intermission.

d. Repeated violations of the throw-in, as in 9-2-10.

ART. 6 . . . Commit an unsporting foul. This includes, but is not limited to, acts or conduct such as:

a. Disrespectfully addressing or contacting an official or gesturing in such a manner as to indicate resentment.

b. Using profane or inappropriate language or obscene gestures.

c. Baiting or taunting an opponent.

NOTE: The NFHS disapproves of any form of taunting which is intended or designed to embarrass, ridicule or demean others under any circumstances.

d. Purposely obstructing an opponent’s vision by waving or placing hand(s) near his/her eyes.

NOTE: Purposely diverting an opponent’s attention by waving is different than holding or waving the hands near the opponent’s eyes for the express purpose of obstructing the vision so that he/she cannot see.

e. Climbing on or lifting a teammate to secure greater height.

f. Faking being fouled, knowingly attempting a free throw or accepting a foul to which the player was not entitled.

g. Use alcohol, or any form of tobacco product (e-cigarette or similar items) beginning with arrival at the competition site until departure following the completion of the contest.

h. Removing the jersey and/or pants/skirt within the visual confines of the playing area.

i. Leave the playing court for an unauthorized reason to demonstrate resentment, disgust or intimidation.

ART. 7 . . . Intentionally or flagrantly contacting an opponent when the ball is dead and such contact is not a personal foul.

ART. 8 . . . Be charged with fighting.

PENALTY: (Art. 8) Flagrant foul.

ART. 9 . . . Commit goaltending during a free throw.

ART. 10 . . . Reach through the throw-in boundary-line plane and touch or dislodge the ball as in 9-2 Penalty 3.

PENALTY: (Section 4) Two free throws plus the ball for a division-line throw-in.

NOTE: A single flagrant technical foul or the second technical foul charged to a player results in disqualification of the offender to the team bench.


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