ART. 1 . . . A restraining circle must be drawn at the center of the court with a radius of 6 feet measured to the outside edge. The edge of the circle must be designated with a minimum of a ¼-inch-wide single line but no wider than 2 inches. See Table 1-1, Number 3 if the use of contrasting colored-floor areas instead of a line is desirable. Spaces for non-jumpers around the center circle are 36 inches deep.

ART. 2 . . . A division line 2 inches wide, must divide the court into two equal parts. If the court is less than 74 feet long, it should be divided by two lines, each parallel to and 40 feet from the farther end line.

ART. 3 . . . Shadow-bordered lines are permissible. A shadow line is a line that designates the required width by use of border or outline lines at least ¼-inch wide, which must lie within the required width. Border lines that are the natural color of the court are permissible. The area within these lines need not be one color, but the continuous outline must be clearly visible to the officials. If the floor has a logo in the center of the court, that logo should not distract from the visibility of the division line or center circle.


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