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Episode 9 Quick Quiz

Welcome to your BRE Episode 9 Quick Quiz

A head coach who is ejected in the first half must leave the vicinity of the playing area immediately, but may go to the locker room to coach the team at halftime. True or False

A bench technical foul is charged to:

The head coach must be ejected from the playing area after:

A1 is disqualified for committing her fifth foul. While on the bench, A1 acts in an unsportsmanlike manner. The official charges the head coach with a direct technical foul. ls the official correct?

A1 and B1 get involved in a fight. The coach of Team A enters the court along with an assistant coach to help restore order. The official charges the Assistant Coach with a Bench Technical Foul. ls official correct?

A5 dunks in pregame warm-up and is assessed a technical foul. Which of the following is NOT a result?

A technical foul on a team's athletic trainer:

Which of these technical fouls cause a direct technical foul to be charged to the team's head coach?

A1 is disqualified for receiving a fifth personal foul. Later in the game, A1 re-enters the game as a substitute. The officials recognize it at the first dead ball after A1 re-entered the game. What is the penalty?

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