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Episode 8 Quick Quiz

Welcome to your BRE Episode 8 Quick Quiz

Starter A5 dunks in pregame warm-up and is assessed a technical foul. What kind of Technical Foul is assessed?

Regulation time ends in a tie score. As the players are walking toward their benches, B4 makes an unsportsmanlike remark to an official. The official assesses a technical foul to B4. What kind of Technical Foul is assessed?

After team A had previously been given a warning for delay for breaking the throw-in plane during a team B throw-in in the first half, A1 reaches through the boundary and dislodges the ball from the thrower's hands. What is the result?

During a dead ball, Players A1 and B1 go face to face with animosity towards one another. The official assesses Player Technicals on both players. Was the official correct?

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