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Episode 4 Quick Quiz

Welcome to your BRE Episode 4 Quick Quiz

During an alternating-possession throw-in by A1, B2 intentionally contacts the ball with an extended leg. What is the result?

After team A had previously been given a warning for delay for breaking the throw-in plane during a team B throw-in in the first half, A1 reaches through the boundary on a team B throw-in during the second half. What is the result?

Team A is awarded a throw-in by the alternating-possession process. Before the throw-in is completed, B5 is ruled for a foul on A4. It is team B's fourth team foul and team A is awarded a throw-in nearest the foul. Does the alternating-possession arrow change in favor of team B after the foul is committed?

Team A is awarded a designated-spot throw-in along the end line. A1 extends his or her arms over the end line such that part of the forearms, hands, and ball are entirely on the inbounds side of the boundary line. B2 slaps A1 on the wrist and dislodges the ball.

Team A is awarded an alternating-possession throw-in. The arrow will be switched toward Team B in all of the following, EXCEPT:

A1 may be out of bounds without penalty if during a throw-in by A2 following a goal, A1 goes out of bounds to receive a pass and attempt the throw-in.

A1 has the ball for an alternating-possession throw-in. A1 releases a pass towards A2 the backcourt. B2 deflects the throw-in pass and while pursuing the ball in the backcourt is fouled by A2. The foul is #7 on team A in the half.Which is correct?

While the ball is at the disposal of Team A for a throw-in following a field goal, Team B commits a common foul near the end line. Team A is not in the bonus. The official rules the foul negates Team A's privilege of moving along the end line. ls the official correct?

While the ball is at the disposal of A1 for a throw-in, A2 is charged with a common foul. Team B is in the bonus. The official rules a team-control foul. ls the official correct?

During a throw-in, A1 fumbles the ball which bounces once on to the court. A1 recovers the ball while still out of bounds and passes the ball inbounds. The official rules a violation. ls the official correct?

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