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Episode 13 Quick Quiz

Welcome to your BRE Episode 13 Quick Quiz

A1 has the ball for a throw-in. The throw-in pass deflects off of A2. As A2 and B2 are attempting to retrieve the ball, A2 illegally pushes B2 from behind and is ruled for a foul. Team B is in the bonus. The officials rule: B2 is awarded bonus free throws. Were the officials correct? Yes or No

After A1's try is released and is in flight, the official inadvertently blows their whistle. The ball hits the ring, but the try is unsuccessful. The possession arrow is pointed towards Team B. The officials rule that: An alternating possession throw-in will be awarded to Team B on the endline. Were the officials correct?

A1's legal throw-in is bouncing untouched in team A's backcourt. An official improperly whistles a timeout for team B. Is that timeout request granted? The officials rule that: Team B is granted the time and must take the time-out. Play will resume with a Team A throw-in at the spot. Were the officials correct?

A3 is awarded a one-and-one bonus after being fouled. Team B is granted a timeout prior to the free-throw administration. Upon return, the administering official incorrectly tells both teams, “2 shots." A3 misses the free-throw and the ball is not rebounded. All players remain standing along the free-throw lane lines motionless in anticipation of another free-throw. The officials then realize their error. The officials rule that: The ball will be awarded to the team with the arrow for an alternating possession throw-in. Were the officials correct?

After which of the following should the alternating possession arrow remain favoring Team A?

Team A is awarded an alternating-possession throw-in. The arrow will be switched toward Team B in all of the following, EXCEPT:

When the “Point of Interruption” determines how play will be resumed, the ball may next be made live by:

While the ball is in flight on a pass from A1 to A2, a double personal foul is ruled. The officials award the ball to Team A nearest to where A1 was last in contact with the ball. Were the officials correct?

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