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Episode 11 Quick Quiz

Welcome to your BRE Episode 11 Quick Quiz

Team A receives a technical foul after time runs out in regulation with team B trailing by two points. Team B makes both the technical foul free throws. How is the extra period begun?

With team A leading by six points, which of the following is/are true when at the end of the 4th period, B1 is fouled on a successful try and the timer is unable to stop the clock before time expires after the foul with the ball still in the air.

Before beginning an extra period, Team A's head coach receives a technical foul. The extra period will begin with:

While the ball is in flight on a try for goal, time expires. The try is successful making the score A 61 – B 60. Before the officials' jurisdiction has ended, A1 is charged with a technical foul. Neither free throw is successful. The official rules the game is over. ls the official correct?

With the score tied A3 releases the ball on a try. The horn ending the game sounds during the flight of the ball. Before A3 returns to the ground he is fouled by B3. The shot misses and A3 will be awarded two free throws. A3 is a little shaken up and the team A coach calls a timeout prior to the first free throw to allow A3 to compose himself. A3 misses the first free throw and then the team B coach requests a time out. The request is:

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