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Welcome to your BRE Episode 7 Quick Quiz

The ball is out of bounds on the end line. As the Lead official hands the ball to the thrower for the resulting throw-in, substitute a 12 runs, taps the table and runs onto the floor. The official blows their whistle and takes the ball back from the thrower and tells the substitute to go back to the 'X' and wait until the next dead ball. Was the official correct?

As the official bounces the ball to a thrower for a sideline throw in the front court. While the ball is in flight, the horn sounds and two substitutes from the home team have run on to the court. The official assesses substitute technicals on both A12 and A13. Was the official correct?

A35 reports to the table and is waiting to enter the game. A timeout is requested and granted on the court. After the timeout, the table and the players are on the floor. The official scorer informs the official that A35 was never beckoned into the game. The official sends A35 out of the game to wait for the next dead ball to substitute and requests the original player return to the floor. Was the official correct?

If a substitute illegally enters a game, when does that substitute become a legal player?

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