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Welcome to your BRE Episode 6 Quick Quiz

As the teams take the floor for the opening jump, the table sounds the horn and says that A35 is not on the court. The officials inform the head coach that A35 is a designated starter and needs to be on the floor. The coach responds that A35 has been replaced for a disciplinary reason. The officials assess an administrative technical foul. Were the officials correct?

Prior to the game, the visitors are assessed a technical foul for not submitting their roster prior to the 10 minute mark. The game starts with a technical foul free-throws. The home team coach wants to have one of his substitutes to shoot the technical foul. The officials allow the substitute, who is NOT a designated starter, to shoot to attempt the technical foul free-throws. Were the officials correct?

Five minutes prior to the game. The official scorebook has not been completed. The official sees the home team scorekeeper furiously copying the visitors roster into the scorebook. The Referee assesses an Administrative Technical Foul since the official scorebook was not ready prior to the 10 minute mark. Was the official correct?

When reviewing the roster for the home team in the score book after the 10 minute mark, the referee notices that there are two players team members listed with the number 15. The official assesses an Administrative Technical Foul on the home team. Was the official correct?

With four minutes remaining in the first period, substitute A35 reports to the table and at the next dead ball is beckoned in by the officials. After a minute of playing time has passed, A35 commits a foul. After the calling official reports the foul, the scorer informs the official that a 35 is not listed in the book. The official says no foul to since the player had become a legal player and it was too late to correct. Was the official correct?

With 10 seconds remaining in the third period. A12 reports to the table as a substitute and is beckoned into the game by the officials. The period ends and A12 is replaced during the intermission. Ultimately, the game is tied at the end of the fourth period. Just prior to overtime beginning, the official scorer notifies the officials that A12 is not listed in the book. This was A12’s only playing time in the game. The official assesses an Administrative Technical Foul and the overtime begins with Technical Foul free-throws. Was the official correct?

During the game The officials notice that Team A is using an iPad to keep stats for the game. The officials assess an Administrative Technical Foul to the team for using an electronic device on the bench during the game. Were the officials correct?

B25 reports as a substitute and is beckoned into the game. B25 is discovered to not be in the book. The player states that they were wearing the wrong uniform and his correct uniform is in his bag behind the bench. The officials allow the player to put on the correct uniform without penalty. Were the officials correct?

B55 reports as a substitute and is beckoned on to the court. The officials notice that B55 is wearing a protective padded wrap on their head that does not conform to the color restrictions since all of Team B’s players are wearing black tights. The player says that it is a concussion headband and the coach says that it's a concussion headband and that he has a letter from the state allowing the player to wear it. The official informs the coach that the player can wear the headband ONLY if all players remove their tights. Was the official correct?

Just prior to the jump ball, the officials notice B14 is wearing an earring. The officials direct B14 to leave the game and inform the Team B coach that a substitute is required by rule. The Team A coach immediately expresses that that is a technical foul should be ruled since they started the game without a designated starter. The officials rule that this is legal and do NOT assess a technical foul. Were the officials correct?

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