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Welcome to your BRE Episode 5 Quick Quiz

Team A is wearing red uniforms. The officials notice that A12 has a red hair-control device, A22 has a white hair-control device and A32 has a yellow hair-control device. The officials tell the team members that in order to play they must remove the devices or all have the same color. Were the officials correct?

All of the following are true statements regarding a compression sleeve or tight, EXCEPT:

A5 attempts to enter the game with a logo on each sleeve of the undershirt. The official assesses a Technical Foul to the head coach for failing to ensure all team members were properly equipped. Was the official correct?

How many visible manufacturer's logos are allowed to be worn on jerseys and undershirts?

B25 wants to check into the game, and the official notices he has rolled the waistband on his shorts, revealing multiple manufacturer's logos, but otherwise conforms to all restrictions regarding a legal uniform. The official beckons him into the game. Was the official correct?

During pregame warmups, the officials notice A30, whose team is wearing white uniforms, is wearing a black headband that is three inches wide and features one manufacturer's logo. The headband has no knots or extensions. The official informs the team member that to play they will have to remove their headband which is too wide by rule. Was the official correct?

A manufacturer's logo is illegal on a leg compression sleeve.

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