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Welcome to your BRE Episode 16 Quick Quiz

Live Ball/ Dead Ball
With only a few seconds left on clock, A1 attempts a try from the backcourt which lands far short. The ball bounces near the free throw line and up towards the basket. The horn sounds and then the ball then goes through the basket. The officials score the goal, but rule it a 2 point goal.

B1 is guarding A1. As A1 drives to the basket, teammate B2 shoves B1 into A1. The officials rule a pushing foul on B2.

Team A has the ball in the frontcourt. A2 and A3 set a screen near the endline. A1 runs out of bounds around the screening players and receives a pass on the other side. The officials rule a Player Technical Foul on A1.

Team A has a throw-in with only .3 showing on the clock. In one smooth motion, A1 catches the throw-in pass and quickly releases a try for goal prior to the horn sounding. The officials rule that no goal is scored.

A1 drives and lays the ball off of the backboard. B2 slaps the ball just after it contacts the backboard while the ball is still on the way up. The officials rule a goaltending violation since the ball was contacted AFTER it contacted the backboard.

A1 drives and releases a try. B1 in an attempt to block the shot, slaps the backboard forcibly causing it and the basket to oscillate. A1's try rolls off of the still moving basket. The officials rule this a Goaltending Violation.

With several players in the lane area, A1 releases a try for goal. B1 in an attempt to block gets off balance. In an effort to protect himself, B1 grasps and pulls down the ring while the ball is in the air above the ring in the cylinder. The ring returns to it's normal position just before the ball contacts it. The try is unsuccessful. The officials rule this a Goaltending Violation.

B1 attempts to block a layup by A1. In doing so, B1 contacts the ring and net while the ball is in the imaginary cylinder above the basket. The try is unsuccessful. The officials rule this a Basket Interference Violation.

During A1’s free-throw attempt, B1 violates by having a foot on the lane line. A1’s free throw misses the basket entirely. The officials rule this is a Simultaneous Free-Throw Violation.

A1, after dribbling in the backcourt throws a pass towards A2 in the frontcourt. B2 who is in the frontcourt forcefully bats the pass towards the backcourt. A1 catches the ball in the backcourt. The officials rule a Backcourt Violation.

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