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Basketball Rules Expert Podcast takes the rules off the printed page, breathes life into them, so officials can have them on the court where it’s most important.

Twice weekly episodes focused on NFHS National Federation of High Schools Basketball Rules.
We take the rules off of the printed page, breath life into them, and give them to officials so they can take them with them onto the court where it it most important.

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Show Transcript

Episode 0 Transcript

Greetings and welcome to the show! I’m Greg Austin with Our goal is helping officials to get better and take control of their officiating career. I’ve been officiating high school basketball for over a decade and I am a Basketball Rules Expert! 

Our belief here is that as an official it’s our responsibility to become experts at our craft. Rules knowledge is a critical area for all basketball officials. Our goal here is to give you rules discussion and instruction in an audio format to elevate the rules off of the printed page. To breathe life into them, and show how they’re all interconnected. 

In doing so, our goal is to help basketball officials with rules knowledge that they can take with them onto the court. That is where it is most important. We want to help referees handle the game with the confidence that they can adjudicate any situation that arises on the court correctly by rule. 

You can become the Basketball Rules Expert that is needed on your games. 

Our format is pretty simple we’re going to look at some test questions or case plays. we’ll provide the answer, but much more importantly we look at the underlying rules structure. We try to peel back the layers and see how it all fits together. We will focus on rules fundamentals as they provide the foundation for the rules of the game.

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Basketball Rules Expert Podcast Episode 0 is ideal for a Few Groups

Brand new or “newer” Basketball Referees

If you are at the beginning of your basketball officiating career this is a perfect vehicle to help you learn the rules of high school basketball.We will be discussing the rules, case plays, and interpretations from the National Federation of High School Rules Book.  What we will NOT be discussing are: philosophies of how to call the game, communication skills or even mechanics and signals. This show is all about the rules!

Veteran Basketball Officials

If you’re well into your high school officiating career these show episodes can provide you a way to reaffirm your rules knowledge. possibly you will unearth a gem or two along the way that you didn’t know. This could be a great refresher for veteran officials. If you feel the need to “get into the rules book,” this is an easy way to do it.

Stakeholders in the Game

if you’re a stakeholder in the game of high school basketball this show may be right up your alley as well. If you are a head coach or assistant and want to have a better understanding of high school rules then we applaud you. This is a great way to supplement your existing rules knowledge and shore up some areas where your rules knowledge may need improvement.

Game-adjacent Personnel

You are an athletic director, a tournament director, a league director, or even table personnel for basketball games that use NFHS rules. You want a better understanding of the rules. You have come to the right place.


If you have a son or daughter playing basketball you have a chance to be part of a very, very small group! Parents who actually know the rules. If you want to dip your toe into High School Basketball rules, this is the spot and we welcome you.

See you on the inside!

Thanks for joining me for this brief Episode Zero of the Basketball Rules Expert Show. We look forward to enjoying rules discussions with you in the future. If you have any feedback on the show tweet us @BetterOfficials or email us at We would love to hear from you

Join us next time for our first episode. Thanks for listening.

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