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NFHS Basketball Case Plays 2023-24

NFHS Basketball Rules Book Cover 2023 24 removebg preview e1693858085840
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NFHS Basketball Rules Book Cover 2023 24 removebg preview e1693858085840

A team mascot logo is painted in the center restraining circle. The host school used multi-colored paint for the continuous lines over the team mascot logo in the center restraining circle.

(a), the band from the home team is playing during a live ball;
(b) the electronic scoreboard is playing broken-glass sound effects just after an opponent’s missed field-goal attempt; or
(c) fans from the visiting team are using artificial noisemakers during an opponent’s attempted free throw.

Safety regulations prevent the adopted 28-foot coaching box from reaching 28 feet from the end line. May the coaching box be located:
(a) 26 feet from the end line and extend 28 feet toward the end line;
(b) 14 feet from the end line and extend to the division line?

Safety regulations prevent the adopted 28-foot coaching box from reaching the end line. May the coaching box be located 32 feet from the end line to give the full 28 feet allowed for the coaching box?

Team A’s court has a center restraining circle that
(a) is a solid color different than the natural color of the court;
(b) has a 2-inch-wide shadow-bordered line;
(c) has a 1⁄4-inch wide solid line.

The game ball supplied by the home team does not have the NFHS Authenticating Mark. The visiting team does have a ball with the NFHS Authenticating Mark. Must the referee accept the visitor’s approved ball for game use?

What are the rule requirements for padding on rectangular backboards?

Upon arrival on the court, the visiting team is advised its team’s substitutes will have to go considerably farther than the home team to reach the reporting area. The visiting coach complains to the referee.

A1 and B1 begin fighting and play is stopped. Substitute A6 leaves the bench area and enters the court to observe. B6 also enters the court at the same time, but B6 actually participates in the fight.

A technical foul is charged to:
(a) a Team A substitute;
(b) Team B’s manager;
(c) Team A’s athletic trainer; or
(d) Team B’s assistant coach. In all cases, the foul is charged because of uncomplimentary remarks addressed to an official.

A spectator heckles Team A member, A9, while he/she is sitting on Team A’s bench. A9 leaves the bench area and goes into the stands to confront the fan.

A fight breaks out between A1 and B1 during a dead-ball and clock-stopped situation. The head coach of Team A rushes onto the court.

A defensive player takes a position in front of the post player A1 to prevent A1 from receiving the ball. A high pass is made over the head and out of reach of the defensive player. The post player A1 moves toward the basket to catch the pass and try for goal. As the pass is made, a teammate of the defensive player moves into the path of A1, in a guarding position. What are the rights of the pivot player A1 and the defensive player who moves into A1’s path?

(a) Three minutes prior to the start of the game; or

(b) during a time-out in the second quarter of play, the Team B coach requests the scorer to add a name to the team list or change a team member’s number in the scorebook. When is the penalty invoked for this administrative infraction?

(a) The head coach is charged (directly or indirectly) with a third technical foul, or a second direct technical; or

(b) A1 commits a flagrant technical foul against B1.

A1 commits his/her fifth foul and is disqualified. On the way to the team bench, A1 removes his/her shirt or pulls it over their face:
(a) before the coach is notified; or
(b) after the coach is notified.

A1 has been injured and has received extensive medical attention on the court. The coach:
(a) helps assist the injured player to the bench; or
(b) remains at the bench area while A1 is treated and helped to the bench. How much time does the coach have to replace A1?

A1 has been disqualified from the game for committing his/her fifth foul or a flagrant foul. The coach of Team A is notified and then the official instructs the timer to begin the replacement period. The player is then notified of the disqualification. The coach of Team A rises from the bench and:
(a) talks until the sounding of the warning horn with the four remaining players who have gathered near the boundary;
(b) immediately sends A6 to the table to report in. The coach then gathers the players at the sideline for a conference; or
(c) sends A6 toward the table but the timer indicates the 15 seconds have expired before A6 gets there.

A1 dunks the ball, then grasps the ring:
(a) to avoid possible injury as he/she has lost his/her balance; or
(b) because A2 or B1 is lying on the floor directly under the basket.

A1 is dribbling in the frontcourt and B1
(a) places two hands on the dribbler;
(b) places an extended arm bar on the dribbler;
(c) places and keeps a hand on the dribbler;
(d) contacts the dribbler more than once with the same hand or alternating hands.


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