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Free Throw Positioning as Trail. 2-person.

Free Throw Positioning as Trail. 2-person.

Free Throw Positioning as Trail. 2-person.

Free throw positioning Trail

The Video:

Free throw positioning Trail. NFHS rules in 2015-16 make it a violation for an opponent of a thrower to enter the semi circle, and make it a foul for
them to contact the thrower (if it is more than incidental contact) prior to the ball hitting the basket or the backboard.


Free throw positioning Trail. all right let’s look at a couple of examples first off positioning where to stand as the trail and 2-person mechanics
manual says halfway between the nearer lane line and the sidelines so we’d want
to be about here and we want to be just behind the free-throw line so possibly
right about here on the court would be a good spot we’re responsible for these
two players on the lane and the thrower in two person were responsible as well
for players violating beyond the arc so we want to position ourselves so that we
can certainly see these three players to detect if they violate or not and
usually that’s gonna be have to be up a step I personally like to stand right
about here right about here it’s a good place to start


all right
official properly has a silent count but you see when the ball is released raises
the hand and turns the shoulders right immediately blocking view of these
players here we’re now going to have to ensure that we open up our shoulders in
our body and officiate any players coming in who may violate the semicircle
another example now this official has a much better angle on the play very close
to the sidelines could step out onto the court a little bit but the angle to
officiate these players is crucial silent count and again he makes the same
mistake not in a position to judge this action here or whether whether there’s
any subsequent dislodgement let’s watch again the official turns is shoulders
basically which is going to be the kiss of death on this play with a hand raised
completely obscuring this action here you’re just not going to see it so we
have to take care of this business first all right

Free throw positioning Trail

this example our official is has a great angle on the play a little close to the
sideline notice the open look on the players here keeping the shoulders open stepping down
for rebounding action but not giving up on this responsibility here as well
bottom line we have more to do when we’re officiating the free throw we need
to make sure that our body position is such that we’re in the best position to
officiate the play when you break down the video of your game make sure to
check yourself how you’re doing positioning yourself to see what you
need to officiate don’t close yourself off make it a habit of staying open open
looks we love them if you found this useful give it a like share it too
officials who could benefit from it have a great day.


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