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NFHS Case Play 9.2.10 Situation B

Team A has a
(a) designated spot throw-in, or
(b) alternating-possession throw-in along the end line. Thrower A1 extends the ball with his/her arms over the end line such that part of the forearms, hands, and the ball are entirely on the inbounds side of the boundary line. B2 slaps A1 on the wrist and dislodges the ball.

(a) and
(b), when a defender makes contact with a thrower-in, the result is an intentional foul. Where A1’s arms are located (on the inbounds or out-of-bounds side of the boundary line) is immaterial. A1 is awarded two free throws and Team A awarded a throw-in at the spot nearest the foul. In
(b), since the throw-in did not end, the arrow remains with Team A.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-19-3e; 6-4-5; 7-5-4b; 9-2-10 PENALTY 4)


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