NFHS Case Play 9.11.4

Defender B4 attempts to stop an apparent lob pass. While B4 is airborne, A3 moves beneath B4. To avoid injury, B4 grasps the basket ring. While B4 grasps the ring, A1 shoots from about 12 feet away. Just after A1 releases the shot, B4 lets go of the ring and lands safely. The ring is still moving when
(a) the ball hits the moving ring and bounces out;
(b) the ball, despite the moving ring, enters and passes completely through the basket; or
(c) the ring stops vibrating (returns to its normal position) and the ball bounces off the ring.

Since B4 grasped the ring to prevent injury, no technical foul is ruled. However, the basket interference rule applies. In
(a), basket interference is ruled on B4 because the ball struck a still-vibrating ring. Award A1 two points. In
(b), since the ball entered and passed completely through the basket, basket interference is not ruled. Play continues. In
(c), because the ring returned to its original position before the ball struck the ring, basket interference is not called. Play continues.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-6-4, 10-4-3)

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