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NFHS Case Play 9.1.3 Situation L

B1 illegally steps into the lane before A1’s final free throw is released,
(a) B1 then commits basket interference; or
(b), A2 then steps into the lane prematurely and commits basket interference.

The first infraction by the defensive player B1 does not end the free throw and is a “delayed” free-throw violation; the ball is still live. In
(a), the ball becomes dead when the basket interference occurs. Score the free throw for A1. Since the free throw is successful, the lane violation by B1 is ignored. Team B will have a throw-in from any point outside the end line. In
(b), when A2 enters the lane prematurely, the violation is ignored, since B1 violated first. But when A2 commits basket interference, the ball becomes dead immediately and ends the free throw and no point can be scored. Therefore, the free throw is unsuccessful and A1 would be given a substitute throw. Play is resumed from the free-throw situation.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-20-3, 6-7-9, 9-1-3g PENALTY 2a, 9-1-3g PENALTY 2b, 9-1-3g PENALTY 4, 9-11 PENALTY 1)


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