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NFHS Case Play 9.1.3 Situation H

During a free throw by A1, B1 pushes A2, then B2, who is in a marked lane space, is in the lane too soon:
(a) before A1 has started a free-throwing motion; or
(b) after A1 has started a throwing motion.

(a), the foul by B1 causes the ball to become dead immediately, therefore the act, by B2 is not a violation. A1 is permitted the specified number of free throws, after which the foul is penalized. In
(b), the foul does not cause the ball to become dead immediately, so there are two infractions. Even though the foul occurred first, the violation is the first to be penalized if A1’s try is unsuccessful.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-11; 6-7 EXCEPTION c; 9-1 PENALTY 2)


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