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NFHS Case Play 9.1.3 Situation G

While A1 is attempting a final free throw,
(a) B1 enters the lane too soon followed by A2, both of whom are in marked lane spaces; or
(b) B1, in a marked lane space enters the lane too soon, then shooter A1 steps on the free-throw line while releasing the throw.

(a), the violation by A2 is ignored and, if the try is successful, the goal shall count and the violation by B1, shall be ignored. If the try is unsuccessful, the ball shall become dead when the free throw ends and a substitute free throw shall be attempted by A1 under the same conditions as those for the original free throw. In
(b), a double violation is ruled and the ball is put in play using the alternating-possession procedure. COMMENT: Anytime the defense violates first, followed by a violation by the free-throw shooter, the officials should consider the possibility of distraction.

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