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NFHS Case Play 9.1.3 Situation B

Prior to A1 releasing the ball on a free throw attempt:
(a) B1; or
(b) A2, in a marked lane space, fakes by rocking forward causing an opponent to enter the lane prematurely.

(a), the official will use the proper signal indicating a violation by B1 and a substitute free throw is awarded if A1’s attempt is unsuccessful. If it is successful, the violation is ignored. In
(b), the official will sound his/her whistle immediately when A2 violates. The violation cancels A1’s attempt and it is B’s ball for a throw-in, unless an additional free throw(s) is involved. COMMENT: If a player uses verbal tactics like “you’re in my space” or a time-out request to fake an opponent into violations, only the fake is penalized.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(9-1-3b PENALTY 1, 9-1-3b PENALTY 4d)


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