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NFHS Case Play 9.1.2 Situation B

A1 is shooting the first of a bonus free-throw situation. A4 and A5 are positioned in the first two marked lane spaces (near the end line) and B4 and B5 are positioned in the second two marked lane spaces. The incorrect alignment is discovered by the officials
(a) before the ball is at the disposal of A1;
(b) after the ball is at A1’s disposal, but before the try is in flight;
(c) when the try is in flight;
(d) when the successful try goes through the cylinder;
(e) when the unsuccessful try is rebounding off the basket ring; or
(f) when the rebound of the unsuccessful try is securely in A4’s possession.

(a), the administering official shall “reset” the free throw and put the players in their proper marked lane spaces. In
(b) and
(c) an official shall sound his/her whistle immediately and call a simultaneous violation, utilizing the alternating-possession procedure to put the ball in play. In
(e) and
(f) the free throw has ended and the improper alignment is ignored.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-20-3; 9-1-2 PENALTY 3)


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