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NFHS Case Play 7.4

What and where is the violation when:
(a) A1 grabs a rebound at Team A’s basket and passes the ball back across the division line after which it is touched by A2 in the backcourt;
(b) A1, in a corner near B’s end line, throws a long pass which crosses the sideline in flight at the division line and touches in the bleachers near A’s end-line extended; or
(c) a throw-in by A1 from near the division line goes through A’s basket before touching another player on the court?

(a), the violation is not for causing the ball to go into the backcourt, but for A2 touching it first after it went there. The throw-in for Team B is at a spot out of bounds nearest to the spot where A2 touched the ball. In
(b), the violation is for causing the ball to be out of bounds, but since the ball is not out of bounds until it touches something, the violation occurs when the ball touches the bleachers and the throw-in by B is at the out-of-bounds spot nearest such touching. In
(c), the violation is by A1 for throwing the ball so that it enters the basket before touching another player on the court. The throw-in by B in
(c) is from the spot of A1’s throw-in.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(9-2-2, 6; 9-9-1)


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