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NFHS Case Play 6.7 Situation B

After A1 starts the free-throwing motion, A2 commits a foul by pushing B1 along the lane.

If the foul occurred after the ball was in flight, the point counts if the throw was successful and no substitute throw is awarded if not successful. If A1 had not released the free-throw attempt before A2 fouled B1, the ball became dead when the team-control foul occurred and A1 is permitted an unhindered free throw. The foul by A2 results in the ball being awarded to Team B at the out-of-bounds spot nearest to where A2 fouled B1, unless the free-throw attempt by A1 is successful in which case B will throw-in from out of bounds anywhere along the end line where the free throw was scored.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-19-7, 9; 7-5-7)


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