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NFHS Case Play 6.7.4

Airborne A1 is fouled by B1 during a field-goal try or tap. After the ball is in flight, A1 illegally contacts B2 in returning to the floor. The ball goes through the basket.

The foul by B1 did not cause the ball to become dead since A1 had started the trying or tapping motion. However, airborne shooter A1’s foul is a player-control foul which does cause the ball to become dead immediately. No goal can be scored even if the ball had already gone through the basket before the foul. Since the goal is unsuccessful, A1 is awarded two free throws for the foul by B1. No players are allowed in the lane spaces as Team B will be awarded the ball following the last free throw. If the last throw is successful, the throw-in is from anywhere along the end line. If the last throw is unsuccessful, the throw-in is from a designated spot nearest the foul. The situation is a false double foul.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-11; 4-19-6)


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