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NFHS Case Play 6.4.1 Situation D

It is Team B’s turn for the next throw-in under the alternating-possession procedure. By mistake, Team A is given that throw-in. Team A
(a) commits a throw-in violation, or
(b) releases the ball on the alternating-possession throw-in, but before the ball is legally touched inbounds, Team A or Team B commits a foul or
(c) Team A completes the throw-in to teammate A2.

Once the throw-in ends – it is too late to change anything. In
(a), the throw-in ends when Team A violates and results in a throw-in for Team B as well as the arrow for the next alternating possession. In
(b), the alternating-possession throw-in did not end when the foul occurred. Therefore, the alternating-possession mistake is corrected and the arrow now favors Team B; penalize the foul appropriately. In
(c), it is too late to correct the error of awarding the ball to the wrong team. The alternating-possession arrow will remain for Team B’s next throw-in.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-42-5; 6-4-4; 6-4-5)


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