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NFHS Case Play 6.3.2

The referee is ready to toss the ball to start the game.
(a) A1 who was on the center restraining circle backs off;
(b) B1 moves onto the restraining circle into an unoccupied spot;
(c) B2 moves off the circle and goes behind A2 and is within 3 feet of the circle; or
(d) B3 moves off the circle about 5 feet and moves around behind A3 and A4 who are occupying spaces on the circle.

Legal in
(a) and
(d), but a violation in both
(b) and
(c). Moving off the restraining circle in
(a), and around the circle when more than 3 feet away as in
(d), is permissible. It is a violation to move onto the circle as in
(b), until the ball leaves the official’s hand, or into an occupied space as in
(c), until the ball is touched. The violation by B results in a throw-in for Team A.

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