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NFHS Case Play 6.1.2 Situation B

Team A has just scored a goal. The ball is bouncing close to the end line when:
(a) A1 requests a time-out; or
(b) A1 illegally contacts B1.

In order to rule correctly, it depends on whether the bouncing ball is judged to be at the thrower’s disposal. If the covering official judges it is at the thrower’s disposal, he/she would start the count and the ball becomes live. In this case, in
(a), no time-out is granted and the foul in
(b), is penalized. If the ball is not at the thrower’s disposal, the time-out is granted in
(a), and the contact in
(b), is ignored unless it is intentional or flagrant. COMMENT: In this situation, the covering official must give the new throw-in team a moment or two to recognize it is their ball for a throw-in and get a player into the area to pick up the ball. If the ball is near the end line, it is the throw-in team’s responsibility to secure it and throw-in from anywhere out of bounds along the end line. The covering official shall start his/her throw-in count when it is determined the ball is available.

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