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NFHS Case Play 5.7.1

The score is B-62, A-60 when A1 is fouled with no time on the clock in the fourth quarter. The horn sounds immediately after the foul is called. Team A is not in the bonus but erroneously A1 is awarded a bonus and makes both free throws to tie the score. Team B controls the jump to start the overtime and B1 scores to make it 64 to 62. Before the ball becomes live on the subsequent throw-in, the scorer alerts the officials regarding a correctable-error situation.

The error is corrected by canceling the two erroneous free throws. However, once the overtime started with the ball becoming live, the extra period cannot be canceled even though the points were. The score is B-64, A-60 and the overtime continues with the throw-in by Team A.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(2-10-1b; 2-11-11; 5-7-4)


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