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NFHS Case Play 5.6.2 Situation D

Team A trails 60-59 with just a few seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of play. A1 is fouled in the act of shooting by B1 but time expires before the ball is in flight. A1 is awarded two free throws. The coach of Team B is charged with a technical foul before A1’s attempts. A1 makes:
(a) neither throw;
(b) one throw; or
(c) both throws. When does Team A shoot the free throws resulting from the technical foul?

(a) and
(b), the two free throws for the technical foul are attempted as part of the fourth quarter as the foul occurred before the fourth quarter had ended. In
(a), the two free throws for the technical foul will determine if an extra period is necessary. In
(b), the one successful free throw ties the game and if either free throw for the technical foul is successful, no extra period is required. In
(c), the two successful free throws dictate there will be no extra period. The free throws for the technical foul are not administered as the outcome of the game has been determined. A quarter or extra period does not end until all free throws which could affect the outcome of the game have been attempted and related activity has been completed.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-41-1, 5-6-2 EXCEPTION 3, 6-7-7)


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