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NFHS Case Play 5.6.2 Situation C

The ball is in flight during a try by A1 when time for the fourth quarter or for any extra period expires. The try is successful to make the score:
(a) A-60, B-60; or
(b) A-61, B-60. Clearly after the ball becomes dead, A2 contacts B1.

A technical foul is charged if contact during a dead ball is intentional or flagrant. If flagrant, it results in disqualification in addition to the free throws. In
(a), an extra period is played and this extra period is started by administering the penalty for the technical foul. If this occurrence is after an extra period, the procedure is the same as after the fourth quarter. The next extra period starts with the penalty for the technical foul. In
(b), the free throws are treated the same as if they were part of the preceding quarter or extra period. If only one free throw is successful, an extra period is played and the overtime period is started with a jump. If neither or if both free throws are successful, the game is ended.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(5-6-2 EXCEPTION 3, 5-6-2 EXCEPTION 4, 7-5-6a, 10-4-7)


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