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NFHS Case Play 4.44.3 Situation A

A1 jumps to try for goal. B1 also jumps and:
(a) slaps the ball out of A1’s hands;
(b) touches the ball but does not prevent A1 from releasing the ball;
(c) touches the ball and A1 returns to the floor holding the ball; or
(d) touches the ball and A1 drops it to the floor and touches it first after it bounces.

In (a) and (b), the ball remains live.

In (c), a traveling violation.

In (d), a violation for starting a dribble with the pivot foot off the floor.

Since the touching did not prevent the pass or try in (b), (c) and (d), the ball remains live and subsequent action is covered by rules which apply to the situation.


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