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NFHS Case Play 4.4.1

As Team A is advancing the ball from its backcourt toward its frontcourt, A1 passes the ball to A2. A2 catches the ball while both feet are on the floor – with one foot on either side of the division line. In this situation, either foot may be the pivot foot.
(a) A2 lifts the foot which is in the backcourt and then puts it back on the floor in the backcourt; or
(b) A2 lifts the foot which is in the frontcourt, pivots and puts it on the floor in the backcourt.

In (a), it is a backcourt violation.

When A2, while holding the ball, lifts the foot which was in the backcourt, the ball is now in the frontcourt. When A2’s foot then touches in the backcourt, it is a violation.

In (b),

when A2 lifts the foot which is in the frontcourt and places it down in the backcourt, the location of the ball has not changed. The ball is still in the backcourt and no violation has occurred.

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