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NFHS Case Play 4.34.3

Substitute A6 reports to the scorer to replace player A1 and awaits entry to the game. The U2 beckons A6 onto the court, and
(a) A6 enters the court to participate;
(b) A6 enters the court and commits an unsporting, non-contact foul; or
(c) A1 swears at the official while heading to the bench.

A6 became a player upon being beckoned by the official and entering the court. Legal in
(a). In
(b) A6, now a player, is penalized with a technical foul which is added to the team foul total. In
(c) A1, now bench personnel, is penalized with a technical foul, which is added to the team foul total and also charged as an indirect technical foul to the head coach resulting in the loss of coaching-box privileges.


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