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NFHS Case Play 4.19.8 Situation C

A1 drives for a try and jumps and releases the ball. Contact occurs between A1 and B1 after the release and before airborne shooter A1 returns one foot to the floor. One official rules a blocking foul on B1 and the other official rules a charging foul on A1. The try is
(a) successful, or
(b) not successful.

Even though airborne shooter A1 committed a charging foul, it is not a player-control foul because the two fouls result in a double personal foul. The double foul does not cause the ball to become dead on the try. In
(a), the goal is scored; play is resumed at the point of interruption, which is a throw-in for Team B from anywhere along the end line. In
(b), the point of interruption is a try in flight; therefore the alternating-possession procedure is used.

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