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NFHS Case Play 4.15.4 Situation D

While dribbling:
(a) A1 bats the ball over the head of an opponent, runs around the opponent, bats the ball to the floor and continues to dribble;
(b) the ball bounces away but A1 is able to get to it and continues to dribble;
(c) the ball hits A1’s foot and bounces away but A1 is able to overtake and pick it up; or
(d) A1 fumbles the ball in ending the dribble so that A1 must run to recover it.

Violation in (a), because the ball was touched twice by A1’s hand(s) during a dribble, before it touched the floor.

In (b), even though the dribble was interrupted it has not ended and A1 may continue the dribble.

In (c), the dribble ended when A1 caught the ball; and it ended in when it was fumbled.

Even though the dribble has ended in (c) and (d), A1 may recover the ball but may not dribble again.

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