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NFHS Case Play 4.15.4 Situation C

After dribbling and coming to a stop, A1 throws the ball:
(a) against the opponent’s backboard and catches the rebound;
(b) against an official, immediately recovers the ball and dribbles again; or
(c) against his/her own backboard in an attempt to score (try), catches the rebound and dribbles again.

A1 has violated in both
(a) and
(b). Throwing the ball against the opponent’s backboard or an official constitutes another dribble, provided A1 is first to touch the ball after it strikes the official or the board. In
(c), the action is legal. Once the ball is released on the try, there is no player or team control, therefore, A1 can recover the rebound and begin a dribble.


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