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NFHS Case Play 4.12.2 Situation B

During a throw-in by A-1 from the end line by Team A’s basket:
(a) A2 is in the restricted lane area for four seconds of the throw-in count; or
(b) the throw-in is touched by A2 before it goes across the division line where it is recovered by A3.

Legal in
(a) and
(b), even though Team A is in team control during the throw-in. There is no three-second count in
(a) since team control had not yet been established in Team A’s frontcourt. There is no backcourt violation in
(b) since team control had not yet been established in team A’s frontcourt before the ball went into Team A’s backcourt. The throw-in ends when A2 legally touches the ball, but the backcourt count does not start until A3 gains control in his/her backcourt.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(9-7, 9-8, 9-9)


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