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NFHS Case Play 3.3.7 Situation C

Officials discover blood on players A1 and B1 simultaneously and direct both players to leave the game. After notification by the officials,
(a) Team A chooses to request a time-out to keep A1 in the game, while Team B elects to substitute B6 for B1;
(b) both teams request a time-out to keep A1 and B1 in the game.

(a), B6 must enter the game prior to the official granting the time-out for Team A. A1 must be ready to play by the end of the time-out. B1 may not re-enter the game until the next opportunity to substitute after time has run off the clock. In
(b), both teams are charged a time-out and the time-outs run concurrently. If one team requests a 60-second time-out and the other a 30, the duration shall be 60 seconds. Both A1 and B1 must be ready to play by the end of the time-out.


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