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NFHS Case Play 3.3.7 Situation B

A1 discovers she is bleeding and intentionally wipes blood on the arm of the both B4 and B5. In
(a) neither the referee or umpire observes the bleeding or the action of A1;
(b) U1 observes that A1 is bleeding from a cut on her arm;
(c) U1 observes B4 and B5 with blood on their arm; or
(d) U1 observes A1 bleeding, and observes A1’s action of wiping blood on the arm of B4 and B5.

(a), A1 must leave the game when the bleeding is discovered;
(b) A1 must leave the game when bleeding is observed;
(c) B4 and B5 must leave the game when blood is observed on their person;
(d) A1, B4 and B5 must leave the game and, A1 is charged with a technical foul for an unsporting act. If in the judgment of U1 the actions of A1 were flagrant, A1 would be disqualified from further competition. Any player or legally entering substitute may attempt the two free throws, after which B will have the ball for a division line throw-in. In all situations, a team may request a time-out to keep a player in the game.


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